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White is Right

When you move, you get a fresh start. Not only do you get a chance to explore new parts of town, enjoy new roommates, and finally relish is a kitchen that’s big enough for more than one person but you also get a chance to redecorate. And my new decorating theme is: White is Right.

White walls, white bed frame, white comforters, white sheets, white decorations. And then wood and green accents. And in a place like Seattle, a girl can use all the light, airy feelings she can get. Out with the winter gloom, in with the aesthetic feng shui. 

Now, if I was a rich girl and if I had all the money in the world and if I had my dream house, then my bedroom would look like this:


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But until the day when I find a beautiful home filled with brick walls and light pouring in from every angle, I will learn to be content with houses inside of my budget. Which means, that you get to watch as I transform a boring old bedroom into a glorious haven of eternal light and joy. The following items will be hopefully part of my tools for the transformation:

1) A white bed frame. I hope to find a wrought iron bed frame on craigslist.com and paint it white. Or, if I can’t do that, I’ll purchase one like the one below from Ikea. 



2) Find white linens. I am in search of 500+ Egyptian cotton (white) linens and pillow cases. My only fear about white linens is dirt. But I’m willing to commit to washing them once a week–which, let’s be honest, no one actually does–to ensure that their beauty remains pure. To complete the look, I’m looking for a white down-like comforter that is ruched or gathered. See below.



From this point, I will be imbuing the room with greens succulents, old apple crates for night stands and storage, and wood frames hanging from the wall. And one day soon, when I’ve actually moved into my new home (Saturday), and unpacked all my stuff, and purchased a few of these odds and ends, I will post pictures of my actual progress. And all of you will be inspired to create light-infused bedrooms of your own.

Until then, let the craigslist searching begin. 

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