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While summer in Seattle is a time of confusion and bipolar weather, it should still be properly celebrated when possible with appropriate festivities. And I can’t think of a better combination than summer fruit, summer clothes, and some metal studs…can you?

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So I guess this post is a combination of recipe development and DIY. Think Watermelon Feta Fresh Salad meets Street Punk.

Up to bat first: Watermelon Fresh Salad.

Ingredients: Watermelon, Feta, Any kind of sprouts (I used Clover), Sunflower Seeds, and Balsamic Vinegar.

Cube the watermelon and feta, combine in a bowl. Sprinkle with sunflower seeds, top it off with sprouts, then drizzle with balsamic. Put the first bite of everything into your mouth and be amazed at the wonderful bursts of flavor that perfectly sum up summertime.

Second up to bat: Studded Cut-offs.

This one’s more difficult. You’ll need to find a cheap pair of glorious 80’s pants that fit well in the waist, crotch, and upper thigh. You can either cut them off before studding them or after. It don’t matter.

Then you’ll need to go online to a store like and buy whichever studs you want. I bought the bag of 100 Silver 5/8″ studs. They were great and reasonably priced, which is all I ask for. Then comes the nasty part (after you get them in the mail). You have to attach them to your pants wherever you want them. For me, this was in the back pocket.

I used a de-stitcher (I don’t know if that’s what it’s really called) to take the stitches out of part of the pocket so that you would be able to see the studs. Then I began putting the studs in line by line and turn the tabs down on the back. I used scissors or whatever was at hand to push down the tabs. Recommendation: push down the tabs really far, further than just even with the fabric because the fabric likes to slide off the tab and then you just have a stud hanging loose. It’s irritating. I would suggest turning on a movie or a favorite show while you’re working.

After several days of pushing tabs and hurting fingers you’ll have super bad ass shorts! And you’ll have paid half of the price, if not more!

Watermelon and Studs